the true love

while if you are really lover,to showing it,however you have a lion heart ,tricky like fox and courage of tiger,sometime you will be in prostration,cause with little bit hesitate you will find out that getting or reaching the love,threaten by danger of separation and this separation has long term of misfortune,and do not get or reach for your real love made you more hopeful for future ,and day by day you ll fell and live with love,talk with love and made you look forward from the darkness to a bright future and finally you will lose your soul in love.
if you are really lover you will not be able to show it or if you show it that is not love but that will be a caprice.Caprice is temporary and every thing which is temporary and passing,is transient and finally nothing,,,,,,
real love is raising from the heart and this is the pure heart feeling that it never see the external image of the beloved but enternal beauties,you ll learn those stuff in the love school in which every things seems externally dose not worth.
if you want to join join that school,you should close your eyes and open your heart.

Subject: A plea to all parliamentarians to give refugees a chance.

A letter from Elyas Sultani

Refugee in Iceland since beginning May

Subject:  A plea to all parliamentarians to give refugees a chance.  

A bird without a nest is a lost bird.  Searching for the best place, where he will not encounter any evil, any sicknesses, but full joy of life, full of love.  The bird flies over the mountains, over the desserts, and the oceans, and here he arrives.  

But instead of finding his nest, his tongue is bound, his freedom restricted, his voice silenced.  The black raven with fearless eyes surrounds him, preventing us from singing, talking, moving.  The black raven attacks him with his bullet tongue.  

Full of fire within, it hurts to know that you do not care, you will never be able to imagine the pain.  An ocean of cold water will not be enough, a whole mountain of ice will not do.  You will never be able to imagine what it means to be a refugee.  No home, no hope, no mercy.  

When prevented from finding his nest, the bird learns that he as well has to cover his body in black and become the same as the raven.   No matter what, you need to be like them.  You have to give up your soul, your mind, your heart – and enter the jungle.  

I wish I would be allowed to place myself in the nest I have found.  I flew a long way, I have waited a long time.  Can you help me finding my nest?


Elyas Sultani

Curing the pain

    In reality human being is mature when he or she fells the suffer and pain of one of his brother or sister that live in a society which faced with a different kinds of problem and hardship. apprarence of only sexual desire doesnt mean to be mature , but human being is mature when he could control over his sexual desire and emotion and being humble with respect to others.
       Whenever a part of the body suffer pain the other part wont be calm and in ease, to relieve this pain we try to seek the doctor help and run to reach to hospital , the same is practiceable in the above situation , if one are in trouble it is not individual and it is related to other part of the society.
                 In todays society life is very disappointed, as many people suffer very hard time , lots of pain and measery , but no body not only help and pay attention , but also they ignore it, it is like a person who has a pain and he feels pain and you block it with anaesthetics, regardless of right cure of the problem, so he had a problem but coundnt feel it. our society is masked that coudnt express thier sorrow and suffering.  
        so the only solution to come out of this ignorance and in order to  be aware of ones suffering and pain, we are supposed to be not selfish and also foreget about self importance and to underestand who am I and there is no better in me than other human beings , as to look and think the world and live for the right angle. From time to time reach  each one in hardship and be helpful.



Elyas Sultani

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